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My once silence world was stolen,
My mind is in turmoil, heartbroken,
Trying hard to forget him, but still then,
His image keeps on haunting on my brain.
So shame of myself for having this feeling,
Fell in love with a man so far in distant,
Years fenced us up, so am reluctant,
To let this feeling, still keep him loving.
I confessed to Lord above in heaven,
This agony and pain that am in burden,
Can’t take by myself I admit, am sorry,
Alone Him, can answer and His kindness mercy.
Never had in love for the rest of my life,
Till that fate came for us to met for a while,
Love wasn’t abrupt;y. but it5 slowly bites,
Now, heart of mine in bitterness like bile.
In His kindness miracle alone I stood,
If it is His will, realizations of dreams will be,
For it is Him who knows best, what’s good,
A calm mind and heart is He wish for me.

Heartaches are so hard to take
So painful, I can’t a;most bear
My mind tried to let heart hear
It’s just a foolish love to have.

I faced my mirror, yes I had to admit
Time had lapse so far, can’t chase it,
Facing the truth is the best I can do,
Accepting the truth I jump into.

Heart is more relieved and in peace,
Slowly picked those rotten peices
Mending the once heart so broken,
A new morning of hope had driven.

A fervent prayer to God alone I did,
For my heart to be released of chain,
That once had long chained this pain,
But now, thru His mercy pain He forbid.

At last, I can bear that sweet smile,
Fate acceptance is quite hard  to face,
But with God, I can take to walk miles,
I’ll be strong enough to run life race.

To live alone if it’s His will, I do gladly accept. Spend this life according to His will, He knows best. I do believe He will make ways to fill up those space of my loneliness and solitaire moments. Composing songs, singing it, writing valuable things I can share to people. All of these can fill up those idle time of my life.

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