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Upon waking up, a half cup of water with one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and two teaspoon of pure honey bee is my daily ritual. At six o’clock, after almost two or one hour, a tall glass of water to fill up that stomach. Thirty minutes later, two tablespoon of flax seed and two tablespoon of non-fat milk, mix it then eat it as my breakfast.
Am so careful in my diet and health today after that multiple hepatic liver cysts and removal of my gallbladder and the stone in it, I must be more attentive.

After having a general check-up and ultrasound, my doctor had found out that fat is starting to form in my liver, and add that cloudy forming of stone in my right kidney. Really so disturbing for my health, at this age of mine, it’s not good and appropriate.

My stomach and belly bloats every time I eat solid foods quite not easy to digest. I suffers lot for that uncomfortable feeling that seems to burst and wanted to release it fast in comfort room the soonest if possible.
I can’t do excessive exercise, so the best thing to do is just brisk walking one kilometer at least a day and good diet.
Fresh fruits and vegetables juices are really good for our health especially to internal organs and our skin. Ocean fishes and other sea foods rather than meat is best I think.

I keep on reading tips on what kind of fruits and vegetables juices combination are best and do it myself. Really effective, so I include it on my file as reference every time I forgot the right combination.
Wrong intake of foods contribute a large factor for our illnesses, and out of food what we eat if it is rightly taken, prepared, proportioned, a superior health contributor for us.
Stress is a big risk factor in human health, so I really avoid it. Am not the kind of person who love to mingle much. Maybe am just choosy in dealing with people and avoid those who are fun of hurting others.
Face book is a lot help for me, am amuse every time I open my page and read different ideas in it. Informative, inspiring, news, ideas and others which helps a lot in my blogs write ups.

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