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In the Holy Bible, it is clearly written, man was first created before the woman. A bare truth nobody can’t deny except for anti-Christ people. Eve was created and form from Adam’s lower rib, for him a companion and a helper.

The very thing God prohibit women is to lead His church congregation. Only male chosen by God alone He permits.
Why Eve was formed form Adam’s bone ribs? For every male to feel that the women is a part of them. Ribs so near the heart, a part when being hurt, it really cause tremendous pain.

A man finds great pleasure in a woman in moment of their sexual intercourse, this is for marriage couple. Different pleasure is obtain from elicit relationships, just a lust. For rapist, a demonic pleasure and it is him only who feels the satisfaction.
Thus, women are just used as a toy for lust pleasure, self- satisfaction. Many religious beliefs treat women like that, they are treated as slave. An instrument to have children. Inside the house, she is restricted of many things. When the husband finds her not attractive anymore, the lust or desire to use her as sex object, she is driven away like a dog.
History can’t be denied how women was treated as so low as human being, as citizens. In India, China, Muslim countries, Korea and other with religious beliefs, women suffers a lot of discrimination from the hands of men. Either from their husband, family’s relatives.
A so heartbreaking one for us women reading a thousands of stories read about women being abused by men. Husbands, boyfriend, live in partner.
Women are dig in force to prostitution by unscrupulous syndicate. I read in India articles where in even at the young age of 6, they are lured to prostitution. Their parents even are the one letting them in into it. Parents who keep on producing babies though they know they don’t have jobs or work to feed or sustain them for a living. Resulting of giving out the female children into it.
In the Philippines that is rampant too. I think it is a global problem being encountered by female genders.
I thank God for those who fight bravely and make a voice for their gender’s right. Even sacrificing their lives, just to fight their cause. They doesn’t stop until their cause is heard all over the media, from where they are, shouting and revealing it to the whole world.
Who are these women who had really had a big guts even it would cause their death? So many to enumerate them for a long lists of famous and great women. They had spent time even cost their life just to win their cause they are fighting for. Almost every nation had and still having like them still in continue fighting against abusive system brought by culture, tradition and religious beliefs.
In the Holy Bible, women are subjected to be under the men in regardless to teachings of the holy words.

Right to be recognized that we are same human. Our life came from one source, the one and only Almighty God. If He wanted to terminate it at the time of his will, no one can control life.
Women was not created to as sex object only and satisfies men lusts. Nor as their womb as an object for a child to be develop and be born.
Treated as slave, doing all household chores, while the husband sitting on sofa, expecting and urging with force his wife to treat him a la king!
Women are not supposed to be treated as if they own women’s life. Allies of demon are those men who do such to their woman. Bound by false religious beliefs are among the very reason why they were chained.
Cultures and traditions are also among contributors of women sufferings. Ignorance of their rights and fear to be killed, they rather had chosen to remain silent. Submitted self to brutality and maltreatment of their husband or partners.
I felt a little bit relieved reading articles like a news in African women who had learned to retaliate against those men who made them as comfort women. Armed even themselves, regrouped and bind themselves together. They established source of income, learned fighting techniques against men intruders even providing arms against men.
For many men in this world whose mind are full of lust, seems animals so hungry to satisfy pennies urge, never mind that stomach hungry. Satisfying sex is best to them.
I don’t exempt women, who like them are also so hungry displaying those boobs and genital. Dresses are just a decoration to them. Dresses up provocative attire to attract voluptuous eyes. Proving they are the sexiest in the world. An instrument for many men to quest for lust. They can’t have those lust women, so any women around is raped just to release that evil desires.
In work, women’s capacity are ignored. Good today for in some Muslim countries, women are now given rights to hold a position in business or in politics.
Lucky are some women who had obtained a high degree in education. Some able to be appointed a management career or elected as a political figure and able to hold an office.
But for some fields of work they are in, wages are common problem being encountered. Men received more high wages rather than women and even some incentives benefits.
Inside a family order, father had a superior order, right, but for some religious beliefs, exaggerated implementation of power is much. Children are opt to regard more their father than their mother.
When the husband needs for the wife isn’t necessary anymore in him, and a new one is there to replace, she is thrown outside as if a garbage.
Religions that practices of having many wives as they can at the same time. Well, can’t blame them fully, for women agree too.
The must right order in the family is the father as head, mother as caretaker of the children. When the woman need to work, and the father has no job for the meantime, the father should do the wife obligations in the household for the meantime. If both are working, re-assuring children has someone to care and be trusted. A joint cooperation of both to raise a good family. But we can’t push all of these for that many kinds of different beliefs, traits and culture.
Voting in elections, where many countries doesn’t allow women to vote. Saudi Arabia, Vatican City, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Bhutan are among.

Malala, a Pakistani woman who was so brave enough, courageous, determined woman, a true fighter. Risk her life and was not able to be controlled by Islamic rebels.
There are Muslim countries who prohibits women access to education. That brave woman with great courage from Pakistan, who in spite of cruelties encourage, still fights her right. As if they own women’s life, controls them fully under their force power.
Treating women as a mere sex object, slaves and as tool to produce babies for them to have children. What a so inhuman behavior. Animal behavior. Better are animals who love and cares for their partners.
What to wear as modern phase of time introduces changes in women attire, many culture and tradition especially religious beliefs, prohibits them.
Women in modern countries enjoys rights more than other countries. Some even seems abusing over use of rights to some.With the world happening around the globe, I doubt if their grievances will still have chances. Maybe in democratic countries. But not in Muslim countries.
Righteous women should treated rightfully equal with men. We are human, we are not personal properties of men. am talking about for righteous women. I don’t include women who are rebel in behavior, fond of nakedness and fond of sex .

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