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Conflicts Between Love and Age Gap

An old man who felt in love with a younger lady is so common around the world. A gap of 20 or 30 years as the rare age distance between two lovers.

Love, what attracts it much to our emotions?
There are three kinds of love. But I want to talk about is Eros; love between two lovers.
Many people defines it in many ways. Of how the way they feel that love in them maybe.
Love is an intense feeling of deep affection either by one party only or by both. A feeling of deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. A fondness, tenderness warmth, intimacy, concern, friendliness, charity, sympathy, kindness, philanthropy, humanity, relationship, love affair.

I encountered an old friend of mine and a schoolmate back way in college. We had some chatting in a coffee shop somewhere in Sta Lucia Mall. "Oh how are you", she said. "Here, still alone but with two sons. A single parent, and now am a senior citizen like you". "How about you", I said. "Same as you, aged with one daughter and a son. All grown up now and both are working".
As we go on, topic about love became the center of our conversations. Women of course favorites. Both of us had same destiny. Despair in having luck of finding true love. Got an affair to men we don’t love and the men doesn’t love us at all too. Nearly phasing out stage of a lady. Am 29 when I got pregnant to my eldest. And my friend was 31 when had her first born too.
Sad story that both of us raised them alone. But both are lucky for we had able to finished their college and are so kind and good children.
Now that we are at sixties and both free from parental obligations, time to focus for our self.

Me I enjoys writing blogs, quotes and applying as web writer. While she, attends to a small business. Upon learning am writing blogs, she said, "why not write my story?", Oh yes! I am really looking for a nice topic.
When she had a case against her former husband, a young handsome lawyer ad a caliber one she met. They often met to discuss further about her case. Maybe because of constant meetings or perhaps at first glance the young lawyer felt attracted to her. Since my friend was so pretty despite her age. She doesn't look 60 years old.
After several weeks of meeting, a deep emotions between the two developed. Though she tried hard to hide her true feeling, the man begun to show his good intention to the woman. Just an ordinary woman admiring him for the much caring and attention given to her.
One incident trigger her heart so deeply when the secretary of the lawyer told her how much the lawyer so concern about her. It trigger her heart to beat fast and can't explain that so much happiness in her heart.
She's still so charming I bet you, besides her age. She looks like just in early 50's or 45 perhaps. For me. I just can't give you her picture.

Her son was among who was dismissed from work. Only the daughter earns for them. Her own business is not sufficient to save a large amount to pay. She talk to her doctor, and told her not to pay the remaining balance. A big shame she felt and so embarrassed.
It’s almost a year now, they are suffering much financial problems now a days.
A luck came when she able to raise a sum of money half of what she owes to that young doctor. She went to the office and paid the amount in an envelope with a letter embedded. She left it to the young lawyer secretary and requested to hand it over, She tried not to show herself up to the man.
She leaved hurriedly for her not be able to be seen by the man. As the young man told her to forget the debt. But her conscience bothers her most, a so big amount still. The lawyer didn't accept any attorney's fee for the past court hearing they attended. She was told to pay him later if they win over the case filed against her former husband.
Upon knowing that she delivered the bill personally, the young lawyer rush out the officec and hurriedly look for her. At the hallway the two met. The man hold her hand gently. Took her back to his office and they talk. The young man refused to accept the payment. Returned it back to her.

She noticed the man in red face and his eyes is full of unexplainable emotions. Her heart beats fast and so seems the man too. Close the door and sat opposite her instead to his chair. Face to face they talk while holding her hands. Pacifying  emotions and nervous as if seen maybe. His eyes was full of sympathy on her. As they go on talking, a mutual feeling which is hard to explain both felt.
When she went home, that feeling remained. Several days pass. The man begun calling her on phone. Try to befriend her at first. Then an invitation to eat in a mall near his office. A mutual feeling begun to develop.
A day comes when the man express his emotion to the woman. She found out that the very first time they met, this man had felt in love with her ever since then. Then she explained the very large age gap between them. Besides that the man is a professional man, good looking, rich and intelligent. While she in her sixties, not so pretty much but charming and just a poor woman.

The man cried out in front of her and express his love for her. The man hardly concentrate to his work since he can’t express loudly his emotion. A very decent, kind and polite man. Told her that he wanted her to be his wife and be with her till his death. It is only her he felt in love so seriously and sincerely. All the traits of a woman he has seen in her.
But the mother of the man is just almost her age. His brothers and sisters though has its own families, contradicted the relations of course. Why felt in love to an old woman they said. So as the mother so furious to her. Why not instead give her anger to his son?
She didn't commit herself to the man. Yes, although she accepted to the young man how much she love him too. But with no physical contacts between them, except when the man is holding her hands.
She tried her best to hide herself to the man. Cut any contacts that the man may seek. Even her own siblings doesn’t know what is happening about her. She had able  to hide it from them. For the reason of how much she love them. She has nothing to be ashamed of for she is not flirting at all.
To be in love is not a fault nor a sin. A woman of her age can still feel in love despite that age gap. By remaining modest, indulge not to physical attachment is just right.
Can we squeeze our heart and say, stop beating for love! That is stupidity!
The young man got sick and was brought to emergency. An emotion which the man can’t hold nor hide anymore and burst. He was in oxygen and hardly breathing. He whisper a wish eager to see the woman beside her. Her mother was crying terribly of what happened to his son. She never thought this would happen. The mother hope that it was just a fling feeling of the man. But she is mistaken. The man so really love my friend.

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