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Media's Depicting Crimes - Worst Cancer Of Mind

Modern phase of times quickly brought many changes in life too. From home appliances, communications, medical equipment, offices equipment or transportation and many more.
Along these changes and modernization, peoples mind moves along easily these changes. Even a small child knows how to handle cellphones, switch television or components specially the touch method now a days.

Theaters 3D and maybe there is another one, I am not so aware of much. Sports? Oh, maybe, there are too.

Recreation time? Video games and cartoons on televisions programs or even can be download easily now.

From old, mom and dad, adults men and women, teens down to young as two is an addict viewers and players of video games and cartoons.

Japanese teens and old in age, even wears costumes of their idol characters. From hairdos to accessories, they are completely imitated of course. Walking downtown with pride.

Superman or spiderman inspired men to toddlers are fanatic fan and wears customized get ups. As if they are really the actors. Lacking is the reality to fly too and explore the sky.

A great joy for young and adult these things brings out to them. Some spend large amount of money to collect different items in forms of toys, costumes and accessories connected to these.

House are full of souvenirs from different forms of automobiles toys, guns, dolls, images of characters of different videos and cartons they idolized much of course.
If there is joy or good effect to some, there is a consequences always attributed by these things.

Rampant mass shootings in schools, in busy streets, in camping sites where there are groups of people or students are gathering to name a few.

These things had brought the attention of law makers in U.S. too. They passed strict laws regulating video stories and games depicting crimes and violence. But those who oppose tried to contradict for reason of insufficient evidence proving such. They tried to defend by reasoning out that lack of enough evidence connecting these things to crime rate.

Bulk of video games and short stories or a sort of seems series of it, cartoons even books turned into novel even making crimes as heroes. Giving much emphasis on violent scenes and acts. How to kill or mass killings, rapes, vengeance of suppose lead man. Showing with guns, modern guns or as in form of mighty sword for themes of kings and lords.

Men and women who are so powerful in appearance, costumes. Fierce faces and masculine bodies, a group of strong men and women depicting violence even on poses.

Much more of the content of all of these. Writers whose mind are inspired by Satan’s concepts. Writers like these people know how to tickle people’s imaginative way of thinking and desires.
They know many wanted actions in their life, something to make hearts beats fast. A story that would arose mind to think, a heart to emote much and be affected much of the consequences of the stories.
People are fond of idolizing somebody, imitation of characters, someone to look up; placing himself or herself in place of that character.

They encounter people who are weak in mind and emotions. They are easy targets. Young and adult, teens down to as young as 3 or 4 years old are entice by a sound of bang, bang! Seeing the lead actor and his company are ruling out the supposed evil. When in fact the story teller and the stories are influenced by evil thoughts.

Many books stories and novel are being sold with a purpose to insinuate peoples mind to kill not one but a large number.

Devils authors arose mind of reader to be excited as to what he had wrote. Because that is what some readers wanted too, something to excite them. To thrill and let themselves react to the stories and characters. To add tricks mind's reader, they place at end of story that supposed conquer of seems good to evil, when in fact it's the other way around. Dirty tactics.

There are many people who had a low mentality in understanding. People who had illness in mind, not totally insane. There different kinds of mental illness. A psychologist can define these. They are the kinds of people with disturbance in their mind. Who are probable victims or easily preyed?

Children born with a mental defect and only as it grows up, symptoms are slowly revealed. Attitudes are different from normal children and its emotion.

People who suffers stress tries to find to ease it and reading books I had mentioned above. Video games and films or cartoons like what I am trying to invoke.

A loner person who is not fond of going out with anybody and prefer to be alone secluded can be a candidate of them.

Perhaps, children or adult suffered traumas and bullying, discremination, turn to playing these games.
Those with emotional problems because he has no confident to release it, reading, playing with it releases tensions.

They put themselves as a reality of what they idolized characters. If their personalities are weak, a good cover up to imitate them. Either in reality of imitating them in any form and manners. It is encoded on their mind, plays inside wild imaginations especially to person with low mentality or with defects.

So much indulge in it for a long time for children develops a brains different attitudes in life, beliefs. Teen life and time is centered on it polluting minds without knowing that their life was rotten by these things.

A big leap of joy for the writers and manufacturers, company who are in these business.
But I cannot totally blame these people.

Parental guidance, good parent’s attitudes relations to their siblings. But the problem is when these parent are the one addicted too, the big possibility their children will be.

Or perhaps let’s say the parent is against of children so much indulge in it, but too soft  to invoke.
Children who had been influenced by friends or a really hard headed and rebellious child. Studies of lesson is being set aside.

Time consuming, not minding that all his world is focus on computer viewing. Old to teens and children. The curiosity for the flow of events, excitement of wars between aggressors and opponents really brings out that feeling of much happiness to them.

Socializing is eradicated, outdoor sports or normal kinds of plays are gone. An hour of just sitting and a sip of drinks or junk food.

Communication in the family is either eliminated or reduce to almost half. A feeling of hostility, thought of aggressions, become suspicious, and become violence in confronting potential situations.
Normal person who out of curiosity starts to play, was amused and not finding out, he’s addicted to it now.

Magazines, news editorials, investigations results on police and other investigating institutions reveals there is a big influence of these videos, cartoons and even toys.

Added to these are drug users, alcoholic and other vices which works much to destroy human brains.
Naturally those who finds so enjoyable for them, are against and opposes findings. Reasoning out that there is no clear or enough evidence connecting it.

But for a normal person way of thinking and reasoning, it has indeed a big impact. Those I had mentioned kinds of persons who are easily conveyed by the concepts of videos, toys and cartoons characters.

Don’t tell me those who are fond of movies are not affected easily of the stories they had seen. Love stories, horrors, detective stories dramas, teary eyes for dramas, fears and shouting for horror, a joy of feeling for love stories and others. Isn’t it true? Good if it only wanted to give pleasures to viewers.
Personal interviews to some criminals, showed that they are viewers of those subjects. Of course, if strict law policy is implemented to fully control or eliminate such violent media contributors, businesses will drop. Many will be affected, employment of course. Great loss of capital on their part. Bribery will gone to those some law legislatures.

They have of course their own journalist, lawyers, judges, lawmakers who are cohorts of these people. A big wealth is accumulated and given to own pockets and their cohorts. They writes articles of course trying to evade the truth, the true effect of these.

Bravo!! Never minding for lost lives, mind corrupted, souls being brought to hell to join them when due time comes.

I blame much the parents itself. Character molding begins always at home. If only are responsible parents and the children too. By waking up and having open minded to nonsense things of that videos, video games, cartoons and toys which conveys crimes to mind.

CANCER to minds and souls.

There are so many things we can create an atmospheric recreations. Things and time to spend which are valuable. Instead of family bonding weekend, playing healthful games and sports outside or on park designated for families.

But we can’t do for them that really wanted a diseases which would rotten mind and brain. For those who have a mind and love for self and family, time to act and not mind to buy any of these products.

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