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Admirable Women

Every time I read, heard and seen magazines, books, televisions and newspapers women who did heroic acts, rendered an exemplary services in government, shared knowledge among people, fighter for a cause, women who stayed faithful to their husband and a good mother indeed to her children, single mother who did not abort the fetus in her but instead stand firm as true man; hold on to her responsibility.

Though in feminine body, but her heart and mind is set as man. This is referred only to women above or same as above defined.

Even on the bible, we can read names mentioned who did heroic acts. Rahab is one, who hide the spies against the enemy. God bless her for her deed. In times of Christ, many women were mentioned too who had supported Jesus Christ.

I guess many nations around the world produced heroic women back way then. Joan of Arc is a famous name. World war I and II surely many women were added to this list. Cant name each of them of so many nations we have. Their history records will show. Anyway my purpose is emphasizing women’s acts. Nurses,doctors and aids for medical purposes on wounded soldiers. Mothers houses which served as spies or their home offered to a safe shelter or hideout. Mother who sacrifices to act as both father/mother too while husbands are on fights as soldiers.

Women who fight for their recognition as human and not a mere instrument of men as sexual thing only. Japanese women I read were brave enough to strive for their rights and won after a long battle in the government. Similar to these are happening continually. Treating women as sex object, child bearer and even experience maltreatment. Religious belief is one factor of the sufferings of women.

Soldiers then is exclusives for men specially to they say democratic nations. Now women are counted now. In the Philippines then on Phil. Military Academy, its exclusive for men only. Women now even two or three times becomes the top graduates. They even got a high positions in military occupations.

As political leaders, they showed up an excellence accomplishments too. In Germany, their chancellor is a woman,many become presidents or prime ministers. Legislatures as fighters for rights of the weak. England queen is a powerful woman. Philippines had too, Indonesia and others.

Outer space was also explored by a woman astronaut. Great architect builders of famous structures, bridges, huge dams constructions. Field of science and inventions, medical fields who dedicated themselves in reaching out poor nations in need. Just sorry if not able to names. So hard to remember and so many to enumerate. My points here is to show how many women are so appropriate to be given honors, be remembered , be a right example how other women should have a purpose in life too. MEN to appreciate much their mother or wife who are in these categories. This is not meant for women who spent only how to look more lusty to the world, careless mother,drug user, the reverse of those women above.

This morning I read about a woman (now so old) who helped babies captured by Russia and returned a lot of them to their mother. Read for your self about it. So heroic and love for others even the consequences after she was caught; her arms and legs was broken. Ah..mercy on her, but her blessing for her soul is everlasting.

An Afghanistan young lady in the news whose neck was slashed by Taliban’s because of desire to achieve education. Survive, and more brave enough and continue to pursue her education and even encourage women like her to acquire education too.

I salute single mothers like me, of course. Though not lucky to meet the qualities of man I desires, prayed hard to have a child. God gave me two sons, the reason of my happiness and life. Insults,hardships,persecutions, trials, negligence of support, sacrifices and others are only some to name experience by a true loving single mothers. A true good and God fearing woman who shoulders the responsible of being father/mother is blessed by Him good children.

No amount of words I can describe women who really done their best barely under the sun. From being a simple mother who sincerely had molded children who are worthy citizens, single women parents who stand firm as a man and a good mom and God fearing, up to women who lead a nations, I salute to you and continually be an example to other women too.

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